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Casino Town A Special Report

GAMBLING “Vegas in L.A.” takes hold as local card clubs move from the margins to the mainstream. 1

FLYNT Hustler publisher Larry Flynt is betting on L.A.’s gaming industry. 1

SCENE A night on the town at an L.A. card club. 15

On the Cover

FLOPS Hollywood asks the question: Why does Joe Eszterhas still work?

Up Front

DIRECT DISCOUNT Hughes Electronics is taking big losses on DirecTV to lure more customers. 3

RETAIL Rosecrans Avenue on the El Segundo-Manhattan Beach border is abuzz with activity. 3

CREDIT L.A. credit unions fight back on Supreme Court ruling. 4

MANUFACTURING L.A.’s manufacturing industry is driving the region’s employment growth. 5

BANKING Asian financial crisis takes toll on local Korean banks as capital flows back to South Korea. 6

AUTOS Nissan USA struggles to improve falling sales. 8

BLUE WHALE The landmark Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood may be getting new owners. 10

FIGHTING FRAUD U.S. Attorney Maureen Tighe will soon be fighting bankruptcy fraud on a different front. 10

COMMERCE The Downtown Center Business Improvement District is bidding to encourage more commerce. 12

Media & Technology

HIGH TECH How many nicknames does one industry need? Technology trade groups proliferate. 16

NEW MEDIA USWeb/LA pushes consolidation in new media one step further. 16

COLUMNS & FEATURES Advertising & P.R. 17, Computers 18

Small Business

VANS Maurice Vanegas runs a fleet of charter buses. 19

COLUMNS & FEATURES Weekly Briefing 19, Entrepreneur’s Notebook 20, Ask Lorraine 21


MARTIN BROS. Architects Albert Martin and Edward Martin helped shape L.A.’s skyline. 22

COLUMNS & FEATURES Newsmakers 35

Investments & Finance

CORPORATE FOCUS Avery-Dennison 42

COLUMNS & FEATURES Wall Street West 43, Econowatch 43, LABJ 100 44, Jane Bryant Quinn 45

Real Estate

REAL ESTATE Newhall Land and Farming is moving forward in developing Newhall Ranch. 47


Special Report


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