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My Favorite Sites

My Favorite Sites


This site is educational and informative. It’s a great asset for timely information or legal news, business information and practice tips. If you want to find articles on legal issues, such as the implications of the Enron bankruptcy or Sotheby’s price fixing or the constitutional implications of detaining Arab Americans, it’s great for that too.


As I’m not supposed to drink on workdays, this is the next best thing.. They have news, reviews and advice for my fantasy wine cellar. They have wines of the day, hot great restaurant reviews and information on wine and food matching. The great thing about this site is it has a very anti-snob approach to wine.


This is the best site to locate galleries, exhibitions and auctions for all the things I love but can’t afford. There’s a whole section called “Gallery Watch,” where you plug in the name of a gallery and find out what’s going on. If you’re looking for a particular artist, say you can plug the name into a calendar, and it will tell you where their work is being exhibited and when.

Conor Dougherty

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