My Favorite Sites


My Favorite Sites

R.D. Lottie Jr., president and chief executive, Pacific Coast Regional Corp.

Ron Lee is probably the world’s leading producer of clown sculptures and clown paintings. On his site he displays lithographs, paintings and sculptures. The site is very colorful and informative. It’s also great because they have a lot about clown history.

This is a magazine for entrepreneurs that is based in L.A. and is especially great for local business news. What I like is there are a lot of success stories about businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s a good place to find out trade shows, business conferences, workshops, etc. Another good thing is it keeps you in tune with the different business organizations in the city, especially the ethnic ones such as the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Asian Chamber of Commerce and the Black Business Association. Also, it covers most of the relevant political issues in the city, county and state legislation that affects small businesses, that sort of thing.

Pearl is a big art supply store. I use this site for painting supplies and things like that. I’m in the store all the time, but I still go to the Web site. They keep you up to date on new supplies as well as things like new painting techniques. They also sell all different types of paper. The site is the first place you find out about the good deals, which they have a lot of.

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