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My Favorite Sites

My Favorite Sites

Andrew Peterson, Partner, Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP


This site gives you everything you want to know about what’s happening in golf. Today, for instance, I’m stuck in the office but I can still look up what’s going on at the U.S. Open, which is taking place in New York. The best thing is to be able to look up the current stuff, but you can still take a look at historical statistics, all that kind of thing.


This site is kind of neat because it gives you all sorts of odd items, kind of like the Sharper Image, only more esoteric or interesting. The guy who operates it claims he’s a guru with respect to gadgets, and you never know what you’re going to find there. They have electronic and household gadgets, just stuff you never knew anybody had thought up. I think you can buy them on the site, but I never have.


From this site you can go to a whole slew of different law sites. This was one of the original law sites everyone started going to. You have access to case law, legal writing, review articles, etc. Another site that is really good, especially for employment law, is the Cornell University site.

Conor Dougherty

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