Murdoch controls about 30 percent of the shares of News Corp., which is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Its holdings include not only the Fox TV network and movie studio 20th Century Fox, but 22 U.S. television stations, the fX, Fox News and Fox Sports Net cable networks, satellite systems such as British Sky Broadcasting in England and Star TV in Asia, and numerous newspapers and magazines around the world, including the New York Post.

Unlike other media tycoons, especially Murdoch’s archrival Ted Turner, Murdoch is relatively low-key and spends little time in the spotlight. However, he does on occasion make public statements that get him into trouble; his threat to destroy the cable companies with his nascent satellite broadcasting system is believed to have so infuriated many cable operators that they are refusing to carry News Corp.-owned cable networks.

In addition, his public feud with Turner and dispute with Time Warner Inc. over carriage of a Fox news cable network has deprived his company of an important source of both content and distribution for its holdings.

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