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The need for El Toro

We take issue with your assertion that it is “impractical to consider El Toro as anything but a secondary facility for air cargo” (Editorial, “Let our airport grow,” Dec. 23).

The conversion of the Marine Corps Air Station El Toro into a commercial airport has been approved by the voters of Orange County in two elections. The Environmental Impact Report was approved by our Board of Supervisors on Dec. 11, 1996 and is now in the Office of the Department of Defense for approval.

Data from the L.A. Department of Airports indicates that each year, about 5 million passengers at Los Angeles International Airport originate from Orange County. That is a major contribution to surface traffic and commuter plane overloads.

In addition, the San Diego Association of Governments indicates that another 1 million passengers at LAX come from San Diego County each year.

If this traffic and future growth were to be absorbed at El Toro, the task for expansion would be easier to manage.

We, like all airport planners, have our anti-groups to consider but we are confident that the airport will become a reality. Orange County will also be a player in meeting the global air transportation needs of Southern California.

Eugene Moriarty


El Toro Airport Committee

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