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Of all the cardiologists in all the practices in all of L.A., how is it possible to select the very best one? Same with oncologist, plastic surgeon, psychiatrist and 16 other medical specialists?

I won’t pretend that this week’s Who’s Who Health Care is a definitive list. But it does profile some of the region’s best, brightest and most dedicated doctors based not only on their specific medical skills but also on overall contributions to their community and their profession. (We took pains to distinguish true accomplishments from the public relations buzz by many doctors these days.)

As with our other Who’s Whos, the selection of the top 20 doctors is based on extensive queries, and then, on subjective judgments by Business Journal editors and reporters. For any number of categories, there were three or four strong candidates; in several cases, it was a virtual coin toss.

The encouraging conclusion to draw from this week’s report is that there is so much talent in Los Angeles that, in fact, we could easily identify many times the 20 selected as this year’s Who’s Who.

Mark Lacter


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