Every month we honor a member of our newsroom staff with an award for editorial excellence. This month it goes to our photographer, Todd Frankel.

Many of you might be familiar with the name. In issue after issue, Todd’s photo credit has become so ubiquitous that our production department routinely slaps his name on all our photos, even the ones that he hasn’t taken. Our page proofs have had Todd Frankel’s name next to satellites in orbit and riots in Indonesia (such errant credit lines are removed in proofreading).

Just here in Los Angeles, Todd has his work cut out for him. In the last couple of years, the Business Journal has placed a greater emphasis on photography, which means tighter deadlines and increasingly high standards. And business photography is some of the most challenging photography there is unless you’re resigned to shoot pictures of dull-looking people behind their desks.

Todd isn’t. Faced with incredible time constraints, he manages to capture interesting images that help bring our paper to life even if he can’t quite get that satellite shot from outer space.

Mark Lacter


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