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Who would have thought L.A. would be without professional football for this long and that the prospects of bringing an expansion franchise back to town would be in such doubt?

The last year has seen an intricate dance among political and business interests over who would own the franchise and where the new team would play its games. Much of the maneuvering has been done behind the scenes and much of the reporting has been based on unattributed sources.

All told, a hard story to sort through. But slowly, a picture is starting to emerge, thanks in part to the dogged efforts of reporter Daniel Taub and Deputy Managing Editor Michael Stremfel.

Their story last week about Mayor Richard Riordan’s position on the Coliseum made news around town and raised a new specter about whether another venue might be considered.

Of course, there remain many unanswered questions about pro football’s future in L.A., but one thing is clear: This is developing into quite a story and Daniel and Mike will continue to be on the case as events unfold.

Mark Lacter


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