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L.A. is such a huge place that newspaper editors often find it hard to generate common themes that can be appreciated by the largest number of readers. No matter how important charter reform or the business tax might be to the city’s wellbeing, they don’t always resonate to those who care mostly about getting to work on time and whether it’s going to rain over the weekend.

That’s why the Business Journal, in its ongoing effort to become a more general interest publication, must go beyond the tried-and-true financial feature or profile. Two weeks ago it was an in-depth look at L.A. wealth over the past 100 years. Last week it was an examination of pending road construction along the San Diego Freeway. This week it’s an extended look at the local restaurant scene and a harrowing profile of the owner of a gang-infested apartment building in the Valley.

They all are topics of critical importance to L.A.’s business and economic community. And guess what? They’re also topics of interest to our general readers. It’s part of the balancing act that we must play out each week.

Mark Lacter


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