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To The Editor

Los Angeles Business Journal

March 9,1998

Sara Fisher’s article Digital Confusion as Tech Industry Wrangles Over Name (LABJ 3-9-98) brought an important. point to those able to read between the lines. There are thousands of tech companies scattered throughout Southern California. No one moniker could hope to include them all, unless you want to name, the entire southern half of California “The Super Duper Gigantic Tech Region” or somerthing equally ridiculous. Mr. Shukla of the Lop Angeles Regional Technology Alliance, quoted in the article, seeing to believe that only one moniker win out and bring, a cohesive identity to the region. l disagree.

The non-profit, Southern California Technology Corridor Association is being formed not to compete against other groups, but to simply serve the needs of the hundreds of tech companies and over 40 universities and colleges along the 10-210-134-101 freeway corridor from Palm Springs to Santa Barbara, We offer a central resource for the exchange of information and ideas, creation of strategic, alliances, increased sales opportunities, and greater national and International recognition. In a region so large, surely there is room for more than one such association. We welcome Mr. Shukla’s involvement in our mutuallyshared goals, as we plan to work closely with numerous existing alliances and regional economic organizations already doing good work in tile variety of local areas along the Southern California Technology Corridor.

Michael Cooney 818-246-0299


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