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As baby boomers get older and studies prove we can live longer through exercise and healthy eating, people are concentrating more on fitness and nutrition than ever before. The wellness movement is particularly powerful in health-conscious Los Angeles. The Business Journal Forum asks:

Are you doing more to keep fit and stay healthy these days than you did a few years ago?

Charles Gonzales


The White House Custom Florals

No, because a number of years ago I was obsessive. It was about how good you looked, how tight your abs could be, and now it’s more about quality of life and for some people that means just working out twice a week and being less obsessive.

Michael Sitrick

Chairman and Chief Executive

Sitrick & Co.

Actually, yes. I’m doing more than I was a few years ago. My wife started working out regularly, so I did too. I’m in a high-pressure job so you want to be in good shape. No one’s going to mistake me for Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I’m in pretty good shape.

Linda A. Rosner


Artisans Public Relations

Yes. Most dramatically. A few years ago my mother was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis, and I learned that one of the ways to combat this is through exercise. I have a rower to keep my back fit and I do about 200 sit-ups. I also do the bike for an hour.

Ronald S. Stockdale


Soboroff Partners

I’m working out about the same. I’m approaching 40 so my reasons for working out are different. What I’m trying to do now is think more of long-range health rather than have the tightest abs in town.

Candy Schulman

Executive Assistant

Equity Marketing Inc.

Absolutely. Well, it’s an age issue in this particular instance. I’m about to turn 50. It’s a matter of just trying to keep up. I work in a business environment where I’m the oldest. It’s important to keep up and if you feel good physically, you feel good mentally.

Ronald L. Stein

Senior Vice President, Production Services

Warner Bros. Studio Facilities

The answer to that is yes. But not nearly as much as I should be doing. I am more conscious of staying fit as the years go by.

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