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LABJ FORUM – Packing Up Fast

LABJ FORUM – Packing Up Fast

Television stations started showing images of wild fires nearby, but still comfortably far enough. Then they came closer, and soon the fires weren’t a San Diego or San Bernardino problem, they were nipping at L.A. and covering it with a blanket of smoke. That led many, even in the more urban portions of the city, to consider what they might do if the flames closed in. So the Business Journal asks:

If you only had a few minutes to leave your home, what would you take?

Al Schwartz

Senior Vice President

Dick Clark Productions Inc.

After our pets, obviously, I’d save photographs and personal videotapes. Most of my personal papers are stored elsewhere. We don’t keep our car packed up or anything. We’ve lived in the hills for over 30 years. You always live with the threat that some crazy person could set the hills on fire, then you’re in trouble.

Gary Bryan

Morning Host

KRTH 101.1 FM

First I would take my three daughters, then my cat and my dog, family photos and gold records. And my Simon & Garfunkel autographed guitar. That’s all I need. I actually did start to think about it because I live in Westlake Village and I saw the Simi Valley fire coming over the hill. I think you just focus on things that you know you can’t replace.

Rick Radillo


American Red Cross

Southern California Region

If you know where your home and personal documents are and plan ahead, you can save time. All of my documents are in a small cabinet in the garage and I would pick the whole thing up and throw it in my trunk. Everything from my wedding license to insurance contracts to the deed to the house, it’s all in there. I thought about it immediately because I saw the fire before it was reported on my way to Palm Springs last Tuesday. A quick run through the house would yield the jewelry box, the computer drive and the filing cabinet. I think you could get all that out in one trip. And of course, anyone’s wife would kill them if they didn’t get the wedding pictures out.

Judy Johnson


Leo A. Daly

My thoughts would turn first to those things I couldn’t replace important papers, things pertaining to my children and their development, like my children’s baby books and birth certificates, all the papers I saved from their kindergarten and their baby blankets. I would say anything that had memory quality to it or tremendous sentimental value, like my grandmother’s china tea set.

Brian Tillis


Adam’s Apple Florist & Design Studio

I guess I would take my dog, clothes and important papers. Everything else can be replaced. If there was time to grab a few mementos and photos, that would be important, and definitely my mother’s cookie jar. I’ve had it since she passed away and it has a lot of sentimental value. It never had cookies in it, but it was sort of the family treasure chest and you never knew what you would find in it. It was always a source of constant surprise.

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