L.A. City Council Votes in Favor of Arizona Boycott


The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday voted 13-1 in favor of an economic boycott of Arizona, becoming the largest city yet to boycott the state over its new anti-illegal immigration law.

The list of $56 million in Arizona-related investments the city could boycott includes airline service into Arizona and the harbor’s clean truck incentive program. Officials recommended that the City Council suspend travel to the state, refrain from entering new contracts and review current ones for possible termination.

Los Angeles officials joined with other cities across the country in calling for an economic boycott of Arizona after lawmakers there passed a tough immigration law that critics say will lead to racial profiling.

The Arizona law, set to take effect July 23, makes it a crime for unauthorized migrants to be in Arizona and requires police to check the immigration papers of those they suspect may be in the country illegally.

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