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25 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK: The U.S. Justice Department filed a civil complaint alleging trade associations for five L.A. trash haulers conspired to fix prices in the $100 million rubbish business An insurance-company study of 1,078 executives found that corporate presidents 64 and younger had a mortality rate 42 percent below the national average.

THE NEWSMAKER: Stafford R. Grady, chairman and president of First Western Bank & Trust Co. of Los Angeles, predicted the bank would double its annual profit of $4.6 million within five years after its purchase by Lloyd’s Bank Ltd. of London for $115 million.


March 22, 1974

Dow Jones Industrial Average 875.47

London gold $177/oz.

Eureka vacuum cleaner $56.88

New 4-BR home in Chino $25,200

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