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30 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK: Rising loan interest rates led to increased second-quarter earnings that ranged from 8 percent to 22 percent at four major banks, including Security Pacific, First Western and United California, all based in Los Angeles Scandinavian Airlines System ordered eight, 40-passenger jetliners from McDonnell Douglas Corp. in Long Beach at a cost of $4.5 million each.


Robert Anderson, executive vice president of North American Rockwell Corp., said engineers with the El Segundo-based firm had developed a way to apply computer controls to knitting machines that would significantly increase efficiency in the textile industry. Anderson compared the technology to systems Rockwell developed for the Apollo space program.


JUNE 28, 1969

Dow Jones Industrial Average 869.76

London gold $41/oz.

Aluminum screen door $9

Sears stationary bike $69

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