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Los Angeles city officials met with executives at Marvin Engineering Co. Inc. last week to pitch an incentives package aimed at encouraging the aerospace firm to move its four facilities to the former General Motors plant in Van Nuys.

Jerry Friedman, Marvin Engineering’s co-owner and executive vice president, was non-commital afterward.

“We’re going to meet with the developers in the next several weeks to see what’s next,” Friedman said. “We’re still examining it.”

The meeting, which took place at Marvin’s Inglewood plant, included representatives of the Voit Cos., Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Alarcon and his staff.

“We did present the industrial bonds that they could qualify for, the tax hiring credits (and) section 108 loan programs,” said Alarcon. “The total benefit provides a significant amount of cash flow that will help the moving costs.”

Executives at Marvin Engineering are looking to consolidate operations but have expressed concern about the expense of moving its four plants in Inglewood, West Los Angeles, Irvine and its subsidiary Aerospace Dynamics International in Valencia.

Gail Ortiz, a Santa Clarita city spokeswoman, said she was surprised to hear that the aerospace firm was thinking of moving.

“We don’t want to lose them,” said Ortiz. She added that city officials plan to meet with Marvin Engineering executives to discuss their plans.

The City of Los Angeles plans to offer benefits as part of the northeast San Fernando Valley’s revitalization zone program, which is set to expire this December. Alarcon said he plans to get an extension.

Marvin Engineering could bring as many as 800 high-paying jobs to the San Fernando Valley and boost an ailing economy.

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