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Gifting Suites on the Wane

Like the red carpet, gifting suites have become a staple of the awards-show experience. This year, with the Golden Globes and other events occurring in the midst of a severe economic downturn, they’re more in the spotlight than ever.

With more suites competing for face time and fewer stars willing to attend, are they really useful — or even relevant? It depends on whom you ask. “Slowly, each year, the suites are dying down and losing their appeal,” says Elissa Kravetz, founder of Kravetz PR. “I don’t want one of my brands to pay a hefty participation fee to be a part of a suite when there’s no guarantee of a return on their investment. There are more effective ways to raise brand awareness.”

Sabina Gault, director of publicity for RFPR, is advising her clients to avoid them.

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