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Richard Gentilucci

Shamrock Holdings of California Inc.

Age: 47

Specialty: Real estate investment and development

Recent Deal: Developing sound stages in Manhattan Beach.

Richard Gentilucci knows how to get noticed in the South Bay just spearhead development of 660,000 square feet of sound stages in Manhattan Beach.

“Because of our relationships in the industry, (and) because of the need at the time, we felt the market was right,” said Gentilucci.

Shamrock’s “relationship to the industry” is through its top executive and majority owner, Roy Disney, nephew of Walt.

The Manhattan Beach project calls for 14 sound stages used primarily for television production ranging from 18,000 square feet to a single 30,000-square-foot studio facility. Actual construction is set to begin this summer.

Other projects in which he played a prominent role were the renovation of downtown’s historic Million Dollar Theatre building and the Bradbury Building in downtown Los Angeles. Shamrock partnered with developer Ira Yellin on those deals.

Gentilucci’s projects expand beyond commercial real estate, including the rehabilitation of downtown apartments and a 129-unit condominium development in Oxnard.

Gentilucci earned a B.S. degree in construction engineering from Arizona State University, then moved to California and got a state contractor’s license and a real estate broker’s license.

He ran his own development and construction company, and then worked in management positions with other developers and general contractors. In 1985, he joined Shamrock as its construction manager.

He was eventually promoted to his current position of vice president, where he heads all of Shamrock’s real estate ventures, construction and development, and leasing.

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