Brian Fox

B.D. Fox & Friends

Founder/Chief Creative Officer

Age: 46

Before launching B.D. Fox & Friends, one of the industry’s leaders in television and motion picture promotional ads, Brian Fox was heading down an entirely different career path.

He was a toy designer his claim to fame being a top selling model of the Goodyear Blimp, complete with messages that light up.

“The toy had a lot of the qualities that a good ad campaign should have,” said Fox of the Revell Inc. model that hit the market in 1973. “It had entertainment value, it was interactive and it got the message across.”

After a few years designing toys, Fox decided to switch directions and become an artist for a small advertising agency. When the company went out of business, Fox converted a spare bedroom into an office and launched his own agency.

At the time, he had just one client the high-tech laser light show “Laserium.” From that start, he now heads a 75-person company.

Most clients come to the firm for entertainment marketing expertise involving interactive and multimedia software, music, video, cable and syndicated television.

Fox’s promotional work has been seen in Universal Pictures’ “E.T.,” Warner Bros.’ “Batman” and Tri-Star Pictures’ “Steel Magnolias.”

His agency also produces on-air promotional spots for CBS Television.

Fox graduated from the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1973. His early career included managing undiscovered rock bands, in addition to creating those toys.

He also is an accomplished artist. His lithographs are sold at 38 Z Gallery stores nationwide.

“It’s all about image and attitude,” Fox said of the advertising industry. “It’s all about creating and entertaining, while getting the message across. That’s what I do.”

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