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Los Angeles has had the annual Grammy Awards in seven of the past 11 years, but it lost out to New York City’s Madison Square Garden last week. Moreover, organizers say the event has outgrown the aging Shrine Auditorium and plan to hold it again in New York next year.

The Business Journal Forum asks:

Should the City of L.A. fight to bring the Grammy Awards back here next year?

Jeffrey Harleston

Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs

MCA Music Entertainment Group

“Absolutely. We’re the entertainment capital and we should have the Grammy’s. L.A. has a very strong music community and I think that the Grammy’s being in L.A. certainly reflects well on the City of L.A. I’m from the East Coast, but L.A. is much more open and the openness, multi-culturism and the progressiveness provide a better location for the Grammy’s. One caveat I would not advocate doing it at the Forum or other stadium or arena. We should keep an emphasis on theaters, such as the Shrine.”

Scott E. Smith

Executive Vice President

McKibben Communications Inc.

“Of course. Music is part of our identity and although New York plays a significant part in the industry, we are clearly the seminal place for the music industry. It should obviously be here in L.A. it’s our whole identity as part of the entertainment capital of the world.”

Steven Marcussen

Senior Vice President

Cushman Realty Corp.

“Yes, I think that the City of L.A. should do everything positive that it can do. The C ity of L.A. has the ‘can’t do’ spirit. They haven’t accomplished much lately and this would be one good thing they could do.”

Joel Raznick

Senior Vice President, Head of Entertainment Division

Rabuck/Carnie Advertising Inc.

“Yes. Music is made in L.A. and New York, and the Grammy’s should be where music is made. To a great extent, the music that the Grammy’s celebrates is made in both New York and L.A. The telecast should continue to switch between the two cities.”

Mark H. Okuma


Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton

“Yes. The Grammy’s belong here, where more people are earning a living in the entertainment industry than they are in any other business. Whether New Yorkers like it or not, L.A. is still synonymous with celebrity, fame and everything that the music industry represents. Besides, who wants to travel to New York in February?”

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