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David Whitmire Hearst Jr.

Age: 52

Net Worth: $650 million

Source of Wealth: Inheritance

Residence: Los Angeles

Very little is known about David Whitmire Hearst Jr., the unmarried grandson of the legendary William Randolph Hearst.

Hearst’s wealth comes from Hearst Corp., the privately owned, multibillion-dollar media company. Its assets include magazines like Popular Mechanics and Good Housekeeping, cable TV stations including A & E; and Lifetime, and newspapers.

The secrecy that has traditionally shrouded the famous family only increased after Patricia Hearst was kidnapped in 1975. Since that incident, all court documents pertaining to the family have been sealed.

However, more information about the family has leaked out as some of the 35 adult heirs squabble about a proposed commercial development on the 77,000-acre Hearst ranch at San Simeon.

The California Coastal Commission rejected Hearst Corp.’s plan in January 1998, although the commission could approve a modified proposal from the Hearst Corp. down the road. David’s stance on the issue is not known.

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