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Age: 45

Ask Robert Farina his idea of taking risks in life, and he’ll probably talk about some bold move that clinched an advertising deal.

But dig a little deeper, and he’ll tell you about the time his Atlantic Formula race car slammed into a cement wall at 100 m.p.h.

“It was not a pleasant experience,” said Farina, founder of Los Angeles-based Cimarron/ Bacon/O’Brien. “But I guess it does show you the need to take chances in life, as well as at work.”

The company he founded in 1979 has captured a niche in the entertainment market, mostly by making promotional trailers for movies.

His portfolio will be familiar to most film-goers: “Terminator II,” “Basic Instinct,” “Die Hard With A Vengeance,” “Star Trek,” and “In the Line of Fire.” He also has closed deals with Fox Sports, and for the video release of the “Star Wars Trilogy.”

There are numerous advertising agencies that specialize in promotions for the entertainment industry. But with an impressive list of clients, CBO is regarded as one of the industry’s leaders.

Before a feature film comes out, the studios give Farina a rough cut, which his staff then edits into a short promotion that will run either as a TV spot or as a theater trailer.

“You are only as good as your last campaign there’s a lot of very talented people in this industry that won’t let you just sit back,” said Farina, who worked in the marketing department of Warner Bros. for 12 years before forming his advertising firm. “You have to take risks, gamble and try something new.”

By the way, Farina, who owns his own car and races in the Sports Car Club of America league, wasn’t seriously injured in the race car wreck.

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