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Executive Summary

The 25 establishments on this week’s list, most of them set up by wealthy families, have combined assets of $20.9 billion. That’s more than a 20 percent increase from last year’s combined assets of $17.3 billion.

Most of the foundations on the list have a very wide range of interests, including education, medical and scientific research, community services and the arts. Only a few of the organizations have a specific focus, such as the Pfaffinger Foundation, which gives assistance to employees and former employees of Times Mirror Co.; and the Dan Murphy Foundation, which gives only to charities sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church.

Most of these organizations attempt to keep as low a profile as possible to avoid unwanted solicitations for funds. They have established very specific and strict procedures for those filing grant applications. Boards are established to review requests and allocate funds. Several of these establishments give only to pre-selected organizations, while others have long-term commitments to which they contribute each year.

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