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Friday March 26 Data

Stock Market

Volume at Pacific Stock Exchange: 15.9 million shares traded

Volume of Disney stock: 5.6 million shares traded

Best-performing L.A. stock: Hollywood Park, up 12.9 percent

Worst-performing L.A. stock: Staar Surgical, down 7.3 percent

Dow Jones close: 9822.24, down 14.15 points


No. of ships arriving at Long Beach: 5

No. of ships arriving at San Pedro: 8

No. of shipping containers handled: 21,352

Cruise ships departing from L.A.: 2

Cruise passengers departing: 6,500


Lakers lose to Sacramento Kings, 109-111

Clippers lose to Seattle SuperSonics, 98-104

Dodgers beat Baltimore Orioles, 7-2

Mighty Ducks beat Dallas Stars, 5-1


Civic Center high: 66 & #176;

Civic Center low: 46 & #176;

Recorded rainfall: One-tenth of an inch

Earthquakes: 2

Time/Magnitude/Epicenter: 12:19 a.m./1.7/one mile southwest of Redlands

3:53 p.m./1.4/six miles southwest of Perris


Movies that opened: 5

Top-grossing opening movie: “Ed TV,” $2.8 million

Top-grossing movie: “Forces of Nature,” $3.1 million

Daily Averages (L.A. County)

People riding L.A.-area buses: 1.1 million

People riding Metro Rail: 110,000

Total air pollutants emitted in L.A. Basin: 7,809.2 tons

Air pollutants emitted by on-road vehicles in L.A. Basin: 4,155.7 tons


Trips per person: 3.3

Vehicles on 10/110 interchange: 570,000

Vehicles on 10/405 interchange: 556,500

Morning commute (6-9 a.m.): 1.2 million vehicles

Evening commute (3-6 p.m.): 2.7 million vehicles

Airports (Burbank and LAX)

Flights arriving: 1,079

Flights departing: 1,080

Passengers arriving: 84,543

Passengers departing: 85,703

Cargo arriving: 2,977 tons

Cargo departing: 2,763 tons


Births: 433

Deaths: 170

Marriage licenses issued: 192

Children adopted: 7

Legal immigrants arriving: 237

Residents leaving: 179

Visitors in town: 68,219


Business failures: 11

Location shoots: 170

Filming permits issued: 183

Imports arriving: $323 million

Exports leaving: $175 million

People employed: 4.3 million

People unemployed: 305,000

Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings: 2

Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings: 226

Real Estate

Residential real estate transactions: 216

Average home sales price: $180,000

Properties mortgaged: 1,381

Building contracts awarded: $17.9 million

Building permits issued: 47

Wages (average daily)

Communications: $173.12

Retail trade: $89.04

Movie production: $277.20

Wholesale trade: $124.24

Spending (average daily)

Total retail spending: $151.5 million

Motor vehicle sales: $21.6 million

Clothing sales: $9.9 million

Grocery sales: $10.4 million

Restaurant sales: $21.5 million

Domestic visitor spending: $21.7 million

Foreign visitor spending: $10.9 million


911 calls received: 5,462

911 calls for which police were dispatched: 2,474

911 calls classified as emergency: 558

911 calls classified as urgent: 1,078

911 calls classified as routine: 838


Murders: 2.5

Reported rapes: 3.8

Robberies: 43

Aggravated assaults: 86.8

Burglaries: 71.4

Car thefts: 83

Burglaries in automobiles: 109


Completed civil trials: 6

Completed criminal trials: 11.3

Cases filed in municipal court: 9,638.5

Felony cases tried in municipal court: 259.7

Felony guilty pleas in municipal court: 77

Misdemeanors filed in municipal court: 1,858.7

Misdemeanor cases dismissed in municipal court: 442.5

Traffic infractions issued: 6,280.6

Small claims civil actions filed: 524.9


Spent on public school student: $29.48 (L.A. Unified)

Spent on private school student: $90.66 (Crossroads School)


Santa Monica: 32,365

Venice: 27,798

Zuma: 15,500

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