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A bankruptcy report in the May 5 Business Journal incorrectly listed Breath Refresh and Bluecom Industries in connection with a bankruptcy filing by Adrian Rene Sansone. Those companies were not part of the bankruptcy filing.

The Business Journal incorrectly reported May 12 that Doug Ring was a City Hall lobbyist. Ring has ceased lobbying activities involving city and county government.

A chart showing Initial Public Stock Offerings in the May 12 Investing Quarterly mistakenly showed closing prices for the week of Feb. 10 instead of April 30. The correct closing prices for the three stocks that went public in the first quarter were as follows: Earthlink Network Inc., $9; Kilroy Realty Corp., $23.50 and SCPIE Holdings Inc., $19.88.

The Business Journal incorrectly reported the title of Ilse Metchek in the May 5 issue. She is at L.A. Trade Tech College.

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