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How AQMD Board Members Voted

A preliminary vote last month on whether or not to extend the contract of James Lents and his top management team at the South Coast Air Quality Management District was six votes “for” and six “against.” Lents and his team need at least seven “for” votes of support this week to retain their jobs. Here’s how the board members voted on the issue last month.

Name Agency/Affiliation Preliminary Vote

Michael Antonovich Supervisor, L.A. County Against

Marvin Braude Council Member, City of L.A. For

William Burke Appointee, Then-Assembly Speaker Willie Brown Against

Cody Cluff Appointee, Gov. Pete Wilson Against

Norma Glover Council Member, City of Newport Beach Against

Mee Hae Lee Appointee, Then-Senate President Pro Tem David Roberti For

Ronald Loveridge Mayor, City of Riverside For

Jon Mikels Supervisor, San Bernadino County For

Leonard Paulitz Council Member, City of Montclair For

James Silva Supervisor, Orange County Against

Nell Soto Council Member, City of Pomona Against

S. Roy Wilson Supervisor, Riverside County For

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