Angela Underwood-Jacobs

Senior Vice President, North Region Manager

California Bank & Trust

Angela Underwood-Jacobs has established a successful career as a bank executive and holds an admirable and distinguished record of service – as a former city council member and in many charitable endeavors. As a community banker, she helps people live their American Dream – purchase their first home, expand a business, or by learning to save and invest for retirement. While serving the public, Underwood-Jacobs has experienced firsthand how government impacts its citizens on the ground level – and how the state and federal government impacts families and businesses.

In 2015, Underwood-Jacobs began her service on the Lancaster City Council, where she became known as a vocal advocate for small businesses and staunch defender of working families. In 2016, she was the first African American woman elected to serve on the Lancaster City Council. She is currently senior vice president of the Greater Southern California North Region at California Bank and Trust. 

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