Omair Syed
Senior Manager

One of Armanino’s core tenants is empowerment, which no one embodies better than Omair Syed. He’s been with the firm since August 2015, rising from supervisor to senior supervisor to manager to senior manager – consulting, the role he holds today. His mastery in both technical tax work and managing professional relationships has powered him to service about half of Armanino’s law firm clients. In the last year, Syed has gone above and beyond in supporting Armanino’s clients with their PPP Loans. Not only did he become an expert within the firm, he has emerged as a leading authority on PPP loans and new regulations throughout the accounting industry. He has provided guidance and expertise to accountants across departments and teams, becoming a key leader on this incredibly critical topic for the firm. He’s constantly staying on top of the changing environment and sharing his knowledge.

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