Marina Manoukian
Head of Family Law
ADLI Law Group

Marina Manoukian is the head of the Family Law department at ADLI Law Group. Her practice focuses on family law and civil litigation and includes business, real estate, and construction litigation. Manoukian is a Certified Family Law Specialist with the California Bar, which demonstrates her skills and knowledge in the area of family law. One of her recent accomplishments came in May 2020, when Manoukian successfully represented a victim of domestic violence in trial court and on appeal. The Court of Appeal certified the opinion for publication based on issues of first impression. The Family Violence Appellate Project celebrated the victory by saying, “We believe this case will help other survivors like Nicole G who are seeking move-out orders and property control orders, particularly in cases where survivors have moved to another residence, a DV shelter, or other place while the abuser remains living in the parties’ shared dwelling.”

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