With the unique and uncharted scenarios that we have faced so far in 2020, growing businesses in the market for private equity have had to face a whole new landscape. The economic climate has forced companies to make changes to the way they do business and to the way they approach their fiscal needs.

The role that private equity investors and advisors play in terms of our financial landscape overall has perhaps never been more important.

Los Angeles is an area that is fortunate in its abundance of leaders of influence who make a significant impact in the private equity space.

For this issue, we’ve reviewed the careers of many of the most notable private equity related professionals in the region and have selected some of the very best of them to be showcased here. Divided into two alphabetically listed groups (Private Equity Investors and Private Equity Advisors), you’ll find some of Los Angeles’ leading experts on the subject, along with some basic information about their careers and specialties.

Congratulations to each of the superb professionals who made this list and thank you for your contributions to the local business community’s success.

Best regards,

Josh Schimmels

Publisher & CEO

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