Trevor Saliba

Managing Partner

NMS Consulting Inc.

Trevor Saliba is the managing partner of NMS Consulting, Inc., a global management consulting firm where he oversees a global team of over 150 professionals across multiple offices in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Saliba works with a handful of global clients that include leading private equity firms, private investment funds and corporate clients where he advises on both the buy and sell side mandate, target identification, due diligence, turnaround and restructuring and structured finance. Most recently Saliba was intricately involved in a client’s investment into a leading technology firm that is engaged in the development of a proprietary immersive technology merging virtual reality with music, education and general business back office applications. Saliba’s activities also include advising another client on the recent acquisition of a private investment fund focused on venture capital in technology with an emphasis on Europe based companies.

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