In an ever-shifting digital marketing landscape, law firms looking to generate growth, new clients, and increased revenue must assiduously keep pace with the latest trends, technology, and insights that shape their industry.

This is especially true as the legal field continues to grapple with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the coronavirus will continue to roil markets for the foreseeable future, analysts fully expect 2021 to be a year of renewal and resurgence across many sectors of the economy, including the legal industry.

Scorpion specializes in helping practices navigate challenging times by assessing the current business landscape and giving you the best solutions for success. The end goal is to create a custom marketing strategy that yields tangible results for your specific growth goals and bottom line.

In that spirit, we have compiled some data-backed insights to help guide your firm’s approach to digital marketing in 2021.


Conventional wisdom holds that during periods of economic instability, marketing budgets should be subject to cutbacks. However, evidence proves this line of thinking to be a fallacy. Far from being expendable, your marketing investment should grow during an economic slowdown.

The rationale is simple: Maintaining clients and generating new prospects becomes paramount during a downturn. Increasing your volume of advertising, even during turmoil, is the best way to not only hold onto your share of the marketplace but to expand it as well.

Data from past recessions validate this analysis. For example, during the economic slowdown of 2007-2009, businesses that maintained or increased their advertising budget saw 4.5x greater annual market share growth.

So with 2021 upon us, it’s necessary to ask yourself if your firm is prepared to invest in its digital marketing strategy to thrive in the coming year?


As a law firm looking to acquire new clients, you need to amplify your marketing efforts in the places where people are. And these days, everyone is on the internet.

The digital space has become the primary avenue to reach potential customers. And while there’s still a place for traditional advertising channels, your growth plans for 2021 should focus on digital marketing — especially considering the large number of people spending time on their computers due to stay-at-home measures.

A well-rounded digital strategy can include many different elements; some of the key ones include an informative website, SEO, Pay-Per-Click ads, Local Services Ads, and more. And unlike traditional marketing methods, the digital space allows you to target your message to a particular audience, which invariably leads to greater cost-efficiency and more clients.


There are a lot of lawyers out there, and if you’re serious about standing out, you need a brand. At its core, a brand is all about how your audience or local community perceives you. It’s essentially telling a story about yourself as an attorney, and when done right, it can create deep, meaningful connections with your client base and build a distinct identity for your practice.

Fortunately, digital marketing can make brand building more effortless than ever before. There are plenty of easy ways to enhance your firm’s identity in the coming year; they include automated reputation management solutions, Google My Business, posting original video content, and having active social media channels.

The more you can employ these tactics, the more you define yourself from competitors and meet your growth goals.


Experience and research indicate that the strategy for success in 2021 includes investing in digital marketing solutions, prioritizing your online presence, and developing a brand. To successfully implement this approach, your firm will require clear-eyed, concise data, and actionable analysis. And that’s what Scorpion can provide.

Darrin Sennott is Senior Vice President of Sales at Scorpion. If you are interested in learning more digital marketing insights for 2021, contact Scorpion at Visit or call (844) 505-4349.

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