John Krambeer

Founder & Partner

Camden Capital

Assets Under Management: $1,017,216,978

Krambeer has had many notable accomplishments throughout his career and has been recognized by some of the top publications in the United States. A great accomplishment of Krambeer can be seen in how he has navigated the market volatility in 2020 through the hands of COVID-19. To date, Krambeer has not lost any clients in 2020, nor has the firm as a whole. Krambeer has taken this unprecedented environment in the markets as an opportunity to prove the strength of his clients’ portfolios, strengthen communication with his clients and discuss how he has positioned their portfolios to be prepared for volatile markets such as these. Krambeer’s leadership ability both professionally within the organization and in the business community has been built on the value he places in the relationships that he builds with employees, colleagues, business leaders across the industry.

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