One day about 39 years ago, Joann Roth-Oseary baked a few apple breads and packaged them on apple-shaped cutting boards as gifts. Within three weeks she had sold more than 750 to friends, and had won the heart of her first corporate client. From that delicious beginning, Someone’s in the Kitchen was born. And the great word of mouth just keeps building.

Today, Roth-Oseary, alongside her son, Jason Perel, is among the top caterers in Los Angeles and in the business, with a staff of 35 full-time and 150 part-time employees. Mother and son are also strong proponents of civic and charitable causes and are behind the scenes activists on many, which include The Concern Foundation for Cancer Research, Teen Cancer America, UCLA Health, LGBTQ Los Angeles, The Friars Charitable Foundation and The Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging. Joann also believes in giving back to the industry by mentoring through lecturing and panel participation nationwide – offering her experience, leadership and expertise to peers in the filed of hospitality.

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