Santa Monica

Mark Adams, President and Founder of California Receivership Group, is the most experienced Health and Safety Receiver in the State of California. CRG, his family business, was formed to provide a complete, turn-key solution for properties in repeated violation of health and safety codes. When appointed over a property as Receiver, the team is on-site immediately, beginning the process of fixing the property’s problems. CRG eliminates any dire threats posed to the owners, occupants and community, either by bringing in a construction team immediately or emptying the property if necessary.

The company’s mission is to help the communities who have to live next door to nuisance properties and deal with the associated hazards, which can include fire danger, crime, pest infestation, and property devaluation amongst others. Since 1999 the company has worked on over 220 projects on the petition of over 100 cities and 34 counties throughout the state of California.

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