Director of Content Litigation


Kate Chilton is the director of content Litigation at Netflix. A leading entertainment industry litigator in Los Angeles for more than 25 years, Chilton is a powerhouse lawyer at a high profile company in a critical role managing all aspects of controversy faced by the company.

Given Netflix’s role in producing (and distributing) cutting edge and disruptive entertainment, Chilton frequently finds herself at the epicenter of high profile disputes, ranging from the recent IP dispute involving the hit show “Stranger Things” to the various lawsuits filed regarding “Making A Murderer.” Unlike many other in-house attorneys, Chilton does more than manage her company’s outside counsel; she writes briefs, prepares witnesses, participates in depositions, and steers discovery. Her fingerprints literally touch all aspects of Netflix’s disputes. Given her prominent role in the entertainment industry, Chilton is commonly viewed as an authority and thought-leader in the legal community.

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