WSHB was founded in 1997 with two offices in California. The firm has since experienced tremendous organic non-merger growth to currently almost 300 attorneys in 26 offices in 15 states. The team represents a large and diverse group of regional and international clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 corporations. WSHB offers its attorneys stability in the sense that no one client makes up more than 6% of the firm’s work.

Since inception, WSHB has focused on building a culture of collaboration and teamwork, which is shared today across all of the firm’s offices. Internal completion for clients – often the hallmark of many firms – is not promoted or rewarded. “No yellers or screamers” was a founding principle and is still a guiding one today. WSHB compensates and promotes its lawyers based on their contribution to the overall success of the firm with a heavy focus on teamwork, collaboration and building clients and market share for the greater good of all WSHB employees. The culture has helped drive its organic growth and has made WSHB a very attractive firm for so many wishing to avoid the strife and internal unhealthy competition of so many law firms in business today.

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