TLD wants its employees to know that they are respected, supported, and important. Each employee knows that he or she is a vital member of the team and that everyone at the firm treats each other just as they would treat their most important client. The firm is made up of seasoned professionals who are personable and friendly. TLD is well established and traditional yet craves innovation in that it is forward thinking and utilizes modern technologies to better serve clients. The team at TLD can be spontaneous, yet is also careful and measured. And the firm enjoys life while also rolling up their sleeves to get the serious work done. Overtime is kept to a minimum. Many members of the staff have flexible start and end times that work with their personal schedules.

There are always events in the office for holidays and birthday celebrations. Every Halloween there is a firm parade & potluck, Easter egg hunt, annual company picnic, spa day including spa treatments, half-day staff retreat at an offsite location with a nice lunch, massages during staff appreciation week and Valentine’s Day activities. The firm is even in the process of creating a relaxation room so employees will have a place to relax if needed.

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