Harbor Distributing, L.L.C. is part of Reyes Beer Division (RBD), a group of beer distributorships owned by parent company Reyes Holdings, L.L.C. In 1976, fresh out of college, brothers Chris and Jude Reyes opened a small Schlitz beer distributorship in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Within a year, the Reyes brothers added another distributorship in Savannah, Georgia and by 1979, they moved the company’s headquarters to Chicago. There, they purchased a distributorship with a small share of the market and with their flourishing entrepreneurial expertise, transformed it into a powerhouse, helping the organization grow to become the national leader it is today.

Never resting on success, RBD is now comprised of many local beer distributorships across the country. But they didn’t get there all at once. With hard work, a strategic mindset and their customers’ and suppliers’ best interests in mind, they have grown their presence in the marketplace over the years while staying true to their values.

Reyes Beer Division is the largest beer distributor in the United States. They deliver over 174 million cases annually to more than 71,000 retail accounts across the nation. They are committed to being the brewers’ distributor of choice by leveraging their scale to provide unparalleled service and continually striving to grow their customers’ profitability.

But it’s not only their size that sets them apart. It’s their dedication to providing the best service to its customers and always conducting themselves with integrity. It’s the resources they devote to developing their employees’ skills and reinforcing that their safety is always a top priority. And it’s their promise to do everything they can to leave this planet better than how they found it.

To learn more, visit reyesbeerdivision.com.

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