Marvin S. Putnam

Partner, Chair of Litigation & Trial Department in Los Angeles

Latham & Watkins, LLP

During the past two years, Marvin Putnam has been tapped as a go-to lawyer in cases connected to the #MeToo Movement, representing high-profile entertainment and media clients to conduct internal investigations, assist with government inquiries, and manage crises responses.

Prominent among these matters is the defense of Miramax and former board member of The Weinstein Company, Tim Sarnoff in the US-based Harvey Weinstein-related litigation. In less than 18 months, Mr. Putnam defeated every single Weinstein-related lawsuit filed against Miramax and Sarnoff in the US, an impressive feat given the media frenzy around the cases. These high-profile matters involve issues ranging from the ongoing viability of non-disclosure agreements to the creation of new exceptions from long-accepted Statutes of Limitations. Complementing his trial work, Putnam also often advises on complex entertainment and media transactional matters with an eye to limiting clients' potential litigation or exposure.

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