David K. Schultz


Polsinelli LLP

David Schultz is a distinguished litigation and appellate attorney at the very top of his field. He has a reputation for handling some of the toughest corporate cases and must-win situations at the appellate level in California. For example, Schultz was brought in after trial on a case that involved a $200 million punitive damage award and $5 million compensatory damage award. He was responsible for the drafting of post-trial motions that resulted in the trial judge vacating the entire verdict, which was affirmed on appeal.

Schultz is certified by the State Bar of California as an appellate specialist, a credential that fewer than 350 attorneys in the state hold. His extensive experience as a litigation and trial attorney shape his approach to handling cases on appeal. He is known for presenting a compelling factual story along with well-crafted legal arguments that protect the client’s best interests.

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