Kardent Design is a firm founded on the principles of establishing relationship with “happy clients”. To accomplish that, the company starts with a focus on “happy staff.” The company’s team is intimate, trusted and family-oriented. The nature of Kardent’s work is extremely collaborative so the organization places emphasis on building a strong trusted team that is ready to tackle any challenge. A happy work environment is key to the success of the company’s work so Kardent’s leadership constantly strives to collaborate with all staff to make the work environment the best it can be.

Among the many employee events and perks are is an annual summer trip for the team. Past trips have been Las Vegas and Catalina. The company also has a “Half-day Fridays” policy so that employees can enjoy an extended weekend time with family. Management routinely go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure employees are stimulated and working on projects that excite them. They also promote charitable activities and events, with some sponsored by the company to attend. Lunch “game days” every week where staff plays board games together at lunch and weekly yoga classes in the office are also a hit with the staffers. For every annual anniversary that an employee has been at the company, a celebration is had at the office. And employees can count on regular happy hours to celebrate the success of a project or bringing in a new project.


As an agency, Konnect has attracted talented people who exude positivity and help to create a collaborative and inviting atmosphere for all others to thrive in and enjoy. The agency supports its team personally and professionally and invests in their development. Konnect even implements growth plans that help employees know what steps they need to take to go to the next level in their careers. The agency also pursues strengths assessments for every new team member so they can be placed on accounts, with colleagues, who will bring out the best of their abilities. This approach to business has also led Konnect to create entirely new positions for employees they value, who didn’t fit precisely into existing roles.

Konnect Agency employees exude positivity and help to create a collaborative and inviting atmosphere for all others to thrive in and enjoy. Because of this fact, it is Konnect’s agency goal to provide all the support necessary for its team of superstars to thrive and grow. While Konnect Agency is a public relations and marketing firm, the company is really in the business of people. In addition to proudly serving the best consumer brands in the market today, Konnect makes it a priority to serve those who are responsible for its tremendous growth and success - its team. Konnect is also focused on the overall health and wellness of its employees and offers benefits and perks such as in-office therapy sessions, gym reimbursement, complimentary food and beverages, in-office massages and more.


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