EZ Texting is the #1 SMS marketing platform for business. Founded in 2005, EZ Texting has served over 160,000 businesses, setting the standard for SMS marketing platforms. The happiness of employees is important and they love the great opportunities EZ Texting offers for them to grow and contribute. They also love programs such as “the SWAG at my desk” where every year employees receive a $400 allowance to use toward personalizing their workspace (they get creative!). It’s a nice plus that the company welcomes employees’ furry four-legged friends into the office as well.


Signature Travel Network is a member-owned cooperative of 283 agencies across 596 locations that generates $8 billion in annual sales. It consists of 67 highly talented employees who work to support the organization’s mission. The organization does not brand itself, but instead operates behind the scenes of each member agency as an indispensable partner for success. Signature’s philosophy is that a happy and engaged coworker will deliver their best service and, in turn, contribute to both personal growth and profit. With frequent departmental crossovers, internal promotions, and low turnover, the organization encourages employee growth without sacrificing what matters most - 14 babies born over the past 5 years, a true point of pride!


For over 40 years, Paramount Global has been a provider of packaging and logistics solutions to many of the world’s top industries. The company’s culture is defined by great people seeking excellence in performance and innovative customer service. Paramount strives to provide an environment that encourages a culture of support and growth through its core “RICE” values: Respect, Integrity, Communication, Excellence. Although Paramount is a family business, it is run professionally with a family feel. Employee development is a top priority and one of the main company initiatives. Employees are critical to Paramount’s success, which is why management helps build and refine the skills they need to take themselves, and Paramount, to the next level.


Connexity is a dynamic organization offering cutting edge technology that treats its employees like clients, meaning that it strives to be the easiest company to work for and with. From incredible benefits, like free breakfast and lunch everyday, to an environment that fosters open communication, to recognition of employees, Connexity aims to achieve its mission by following the “Connexity Code,” which is to ‘Be Connected,’ ‘Be Curious,’ ‘Be Courageous,’ and of course, to ‘Be Cool.’ Also, Connexity embraces its diversity, is respectful of others, and continuously dares to be different.

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