Allmerits Financial

EXPERTISE: Financial Services and Insurance Services

What started out as a part time job evolved into Brian Lee’s career, as early on he was a resourceful and determined agent who successfully helped many clients with their financial needs. As the co-founder of Allmerits Financial, Lee has been managing the firm and all aspects of its administration, producer recruitments, and production management. He has been in charge of the TEAM 401(k) and advanced planning team providing premier financial services for select clients. Lee’s goal with Allmerits has been to structure a company away from the usual sales-oriented system and create a well-balanced and well-educated, expert agent-oriented company. In 2015, Allmerits Financial was established with solid agent base, servicing retirement planning and life insurance. In 2018, Lee expanded the company’s field to business asset management and opened another door as Allmerits Asset Management LLC.

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