Anaplex Corp. in the city of Paramount has been ordered by the South Coast Air Quality Management District to temporarily curtail all operations and processes emitting toxic hexavalent chromium.

This is the seventh time over a span of two years the metal finishing company has been ordered by the air-pollution control agency to curtail operations relating to the toxic compound.

In 2013, the SCAQMD received odor complaints from Paramount residents. After conducting an investigation into the local sources of emissions, the results showed that two metals were of concern: Nickel and hexavalent chromium, both of which are used in many products including clothing dyes and anti-corrosion products.

Hexavalent chromium is a potent human carcinogen associated with lung cancer when inhaled over long periods of time, according to SCAQMD’s website.

Since fall of 2016 SCAQMD officials said it monitored more than 35 locations in the Paramount area and collected and analyzed thousands of samples for hexavalent chromium.

Anaplex will not be able to resume operations of any equipment with the potential to emit hexavalent chromium until SCAQMD determines the samples collected from the site meet industry standards.

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