Semtech expands to Spain; The Trade Desk announces new offices; SpaceX Dragon launch scheduled for January

The Trade Desk Expands in El Segundo

Streaming-focused digital advertising firm The Trade Desk Inc., founded 2009, recently announced its plans for a new office, estimated to contain 80 employees, adding to its current 40-person workforce. Built In LA reports Trade Desk has a market cap of over $5 billion and has expanded already to New York City, Tokyo, and Jakarta.

SpaceX Dragon Flight Scheduled by NASA

CNET reports Hawthorne-based Space Exploration Technologies Corp. has a date to launch its Dragon capsule into space: Jan. 7, 2019. Though the capsule can seat three people, its first launch will be an uncrewed test conducted at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The first crewed launch with two NASA astronauts is targeted for June 2019.

Semiconductor Maker Heads to Spain

Semtech Corp., based in Camarillo, announced Nov. 21 it deployed wireless networking devices across Mallorca, Spain (estimated population 867,000) as part of its “LoRa” IoT air and water monitoring system on the island. Socaltech reports Semtech did not disclose how many devices are on the island or the financial gains of the operation, but did note that it plans to add traffic and pollution monitoring systems on the island soon. Semtech’s website reports it plans to deploy upwards of 200,000 LoRa technology gateways worldwide by 2019.

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