Grit, determination, and resilience are the key values a coach seeks when scouting a great player. As a former athlete and veteran, it’s also these same values that were ingrained and instilled in me during my time of service. When I left the military, I wanted to help build a brand based on these same values.

I’ve found that the military is not so dissimilar from the business world. Of course there is not the same physical level of output required, but there are still various challenges to overcome, quick thinking at times under pressure, navigating new territories and environments, building relationships and maintaining organization, among other things. As business leaders, we must be able to navigate the “business battlefield” each day, while maintaining our cool under pressure.

There is a lot of research expressing the importance of working out and maintaining a proper work-life balance, but not as much on the importance of recovery. We have to remember that while we may think we are superheroes, we cannot do it all; we have to allow our mind and body to recover in order to maximize our performance, which is just as important inside the conference room, as it is at the gym.

The brand Resilience was created to offer premium cannabidiol (CBD) products that champion recovery, as this is so important in balancing all that we have to navigate every day in business and life. The Resilience Team, which is comprised of US Military Veterans and business leaders, value the importance of community and team work. Through Resilience, we are building a community of every day athletes that support each other to rise and crush their goals, even on their toughest days.

As a result of the mental pressures we face at work, stress can break our bodies down mentally, just as proper exercise does physically. Resilience helps accelerate the natural recovery process of the body and helps you wake up to rise to your best mentally and physically.

Additionally, when developing the Resilience product line, we didn’t just want another “feel good” product that looked great on the outside, but one with the highest level of standards based on our commitment to transparency, evident through our third-party lab results which can be viewed on our website so customers can see the quality, consistency and accountability across all products for themselves.

We began doing our research and working with experts across multiple industries to develop the best proprietary formulations that maximized the effectiveness of CBD to promote health, happiness, and vitality. When the Resilience brand was born, we first shared our newly developed supplements with those closest to us, especially fellow Veterans who were dealing with similar battlefield scars, mentally and physically. They found that the results were rapid and effective. It quickly became clear that together, with these newly developed supplements, combined with the strength of a supportive community, there would be no limits.

The Resilience Team constantly reminds each other, that no matter how physically or mentally hard a challenge becomes, together, with our influential community of every day athletes, executives, and just those who want to feel their best, we can conquer and crush any goal that perhaps once may have seemed unattainable.

One of the most celebrated health benefits of CBD is that it interacts with receptors in the brain and immune system to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and create balance throughout the body. As the champions for recovery, Resilience’s all-natural, nonpsychoactive line of products allow people to focus on crushing their goals, not on their pain. But what truly sets Resilience apart from anyone in the industry, is our dedicated approach to inspiring everyone to rise to their best and climb their personal Everest. Our allnatural, non-psychoactive and 100% organic oils, lotions, and sports creams are designed to provide relief from pain and inflammation, assist with stress and anxiety, and promote a great night’s sleep - all benefits we need as every day athletes and executives.

As we know, challenges cannot always be fought alone, and we are excited about continuing to grow the Resilience community - one that pushes each other to be our best every day in our careers and our everyday lives. This led us to create the Give & Rise Project. The Give & Rise Project offers anyone who purchases a Resilience product the opportunity to gift one product of equal value at no cost to them, to someone they want to inspire to reach their goals. This program highlights our dedication to inspire more people to work collectively to be the best version of themselves.

From one business leader to another, I hope I’ve inspired you today with the Resilience vision and sincerely hope you’ll give Resilience a try. In our current industry with very little transparency, Resilience strives to eliminate any doubts you may have.

Remember that whether you’re walking into that important business negotiation or into the gym, or simply waking to rise to take on your next day in or out of the office, that today you can rise to your best and live resilient.

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