Our annual compendium of Wealthiest Angelenos and related coverage highlight this week’s Business Journal, with an overview on the front page, a self-contained Special Edition beginning on page 29, and thoughts on why it all matters in a Commentary on page 124 … This could be fascinating – which is why I’ll gladly buy lunch anytime, anywhere if Barron Hilton, who checks in at No. 10 on this year’s list, and No. 29 Peter Thiel want to join me to talk football. Hilton is the original owner of the Los Angeles Chargers, which he brought into existence as a charter franchise of the old American Football League in 1960. Founder’s Fund, a venture capital firm that counts Thiel as a partner, is reportedly a backer of the proposed Alliance of American Football, a league slated to launch next year… Hilton’s football team decamped for San Diego after one season here, and returned under different ownership last season … Thiel recently left his longtime base in Silicon Valley for L.A., seeking more room for his conservative political views amid the considerably larger market here … Thiel would do well if he accomplished half as much in football as Hilton, whose six-year run with the Chargers brought five division titles and an AFL championship. He also served a term as president of the AFL, and is credited as a key force in forging the 1966 merger agreement with the National Football League … Hilton got $10 million for the Chargers when he went back to the family business that same year – a record for any sports franchise at the time, and a markup of 400-fold on the $25,000 franchise fee he paid to buy into the league six years earlier … Another link between Thiel, a newcomer to the Wealthiest Angelenos list, and another veteran billionaire: The upstart football league Thiel is reportedly backing is said to have a deal with CBS – where management last week revived an attempt to shake free from control of No. 17 Sumner Redstone and his daughter, Shari – to broadcast two games on its CBS Sports Network cable channel … “Today’s billionaires beget tomorrow’s billionaires,” says downtown investment banker Lloyd Greif, lending perspective to our page 1 overview of this year’s crop of Wealthiest Angelenos. Our Dana Bartholomew illustrates – check his news story on Marina Biotech at the upper-right of page 1, and a news item on page 4 about Aadi Bioscience, for examples of how perennial No. 1 Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong has seeded the field of new enterprises and possibilities from City of Industry to Pacific Palisades … … Not all of Greif’s insights made the story, so I’ll add here that Soon-Shiong, Marina Biotech boss Vuong Trieu and Aadi founder Dr. Neil Desai all illustrate another view of his and others – the great strength of L.A.’s status as a market that welcomes newcomers in all their diversity. “L.A. doesn’t know from blue bloods,” Greif has been known to say … Sullivan Says: Allow me to reemphasize the point with a Mabuhay! to Snap Inc.’s Bobby Murphy, No. 24 on the list, who remains a role model for the large and often-overlooked Filipino-American community in L.A. and beyond.

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