Creative Office is a funny term. The adaptation of this phrase has been continually expanded upon and often used without regard in the Real Estate world; from brokers to owners and tenants, the expression is common jargon for all types of spaces. What is Creative Office?

This type of space first took hold in Santa Monica and West LA as red brick, bow-truss warehouses fashioned for the creative cultures of entertainment production, architecture, and advertising that sought more than the standard offerings of traditional office. The aging industrial base from the mid-twentieth century was ripe for transition. Founding Partners of Lee & Associates Los Angeles West were among the first to pioneer this revitalization and have spent the last three decades restoring classic buildings and adapting the outdated commercial landscape. Much of the Westside’s available mid-century buildings have been rehabilitated for this purpose. As the supply of classic buildings to restore and convert is dwindling, the Team at Lee & Associates Los Angeles West has shifted focus to 1970’s and 1980’s projects on the Westside and Culver City.

For decades, Culver City has been a production hub for modern, creative space. The access to Hollywood and Santa Monica make it a preferred location for creative use, which has lead to a recent boom in development as tenants like Amazon and Apple seize largescale opportunities. The upcoming project at 5950 Jefferson, led by the team at Lee & Associates Los Angeles West, is a result of this boom. Allowing its developers to move beyond the conventional conversion processes, the expansive 70,000 square foot multi-story spec building has modern creative elements.

“The spaces will include high ceilings, outdoor areas for tenant congregation and ample parking,” Tibor Lody, SIOR and Principal at Lee & Associates Los Angeles West, said of the project.

Their Westside experience has pulled the Team into the renovation boom of the downtown Los Angeles market where properties built at the turn of the 20th century have great bones for conversion. The Team is currently working on a 250,000 square foot campus in the Historic Core comprised of the former Dearden’s Project, a four story structure at 700 S Main Street, and the Norton Building, a five-story structure with penthouse addition just around the corner at 755 S Los Angeles Street.

“We’re seeing an increased interest from many historically traditional users in projects like our Dearden’s site that will offer the amenities and comforts of traditional spaces along with the retro character and creative feel Millenials want,” said Keith Fielding, Principal at Lee & Associates Los Angeles West.


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